Casino Perfect Life Roulette and other Roulette strategies


Coming from the French word synonymous with “little wheel”, Roulette is one of the most popular casino games there is. The rules are relatively simple compared to other casino games. Yet it does take a good amount of observation, understanding of strategies and decision making to win a good amount from the game. But, for many people, when you think casino, the first game that one pictures is Roulette. That is how famous this game has become over the centuries.

Online Vs. real world roulette

The gameplay, the strategies, and the overall game remains similar between the real world roulette and online roulette. But the online roulette, like most other games, offers almost everything you'd be offered by real world roulette plus additional features too.

The number of roulette wheels in a casino might be on the low side. This limits the number of players. But this is not the case with online casinos.

Also, you cannot play the real roulette without placing your bet. Online casinos would offer some free gameplay options for roulette.

You can make big winnings with the progressive jackpots in online roulette.

The procedure for deposit and withdrawal of money during online roulette games would also be pretty quick as compared to the real roulette. .

In addition, to enter any casino in the real world, you might be paying entrance fees or membership fees to be able to take part in the games. But with casino real money exists, once you get yourself registered for free, you would only have to pay when you are choosing to place a real money bet in the games. If you are totally not into placing bets with real money, you could check out the free signup bonuses offered by various casinos and keep playing just for the entertainment value in it.

Can you win roulette with strategies?

This question has no straight answer. The answer depends on the casino you choose as well as the type of roulette they offer. RNG roulette is where a random number generator based roulette game is played. This, much like the slot game offers ample randomness to overpower all strategies that you might devise.


In the live dealer version, the game is based on a real roulette wheel as with the real world roulette. There is the other version which many might not talk about, the one with the rigged software where the casino sets the roulette gameplay software as such .


The game results and the payouts are all based on how many players are live, how each one plays and ultimately directed towards increasing profits for the casino. So yes, unless you choose the right licensed casinos, the reliable ones in your region, online roulette and casino games in general come with their own risks.


But real world casinos too might sometimes have a rigged wheel which might not display genuine results. So choose your casino wisely.

The much talked about gameplay strategies

Several people believe that given the randomness in the roulette wheel there can be no single strategy that can help you win every game of roulette. But here are few strategies collectively accepted by gamblers worldwide

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The chaos theory

Few groups have managed to use chaos theory to make calculations. Note down certain parameters like, say, the velocity of the ball or the time it takes for the wheel to complete one spin and lots more. By continuously monitoring these, few have been able to come up with some models based on which they could roughly predict the results of each game. But again, this strategy might not be accepted by the casinos if found.

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Casino perfect life

The perfect life roulette strategy is one that has been doing the rounds on the internet. While many believe that it is just a scam there are others who adopt the strategy with confidence. There are some online casinos in which this strategy is said to prove fruitful. But again, until you play it yourself and find a consistent result, it is hard to rely on any strategy.

Always remember that the player is more important than the strategy itself. One strategy that works for a gambler might not work for you. Always play responsibly and with your discretion.