Ingrid Crawford fills us in on her recent apple pressing adventures:

We have been borrowing a friends apples press here in Glastonbury lately . I learnt how to press apples using a traditional small press and chopper. There was also a pastueriser which is used to heat the bottles at a certain temperature so they can be stored for later use.

The first wave of apple pressing was at Andy and Ella Portmans who are out at Butliegh. They have an orchard or over 20 trees . We spent several Mondays picking lots of delicious tasting apples and putting them in insulated storage sheds for the winter. The apples that were the least likely to keep were put in a pile to be pressed at the Hecks cider farm in street. But due to a huge abundance of apples this year Hecks had a long wait , you had to get in line. So the loan of a local apple press was very welcome.

It is a worthwhile adventure helping someone press their apples as it needs quite  few hands on deck to make it happen. And there are a few tricks to the trade. Then you can take it home and press your own apples which is exactly what I did. I’d already  collected apples from the surrounding area .

If people are feeling overwhelmed with too much fruit, they let me know, and so I make fruit leather, apple chutneys , wine, and this year I tried apple pressing for juice. Its a good deal, having juice now for the winter.

Thanks to everyones apples!    Ingrid

All photos by Ingrid Crawford.

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